First-aid Bandage

Pain relief, healing a wound quickly and scarless


Country of origi Japan 
Content S、M、L、LL、big、jumbo、For fingertip 
Release date since2012 
Price ¥750+tax 

<Product Features>

  • ■For Women
  • ■For Kids
  • ■Portable
  • ■cuts and scratches

Product information

    Did you know?Exudates that come out of wounds have healing powers.
  • The wound produces "exudate fluids", that accelerates the healing process.「CARELEAVESHC covers a wound tightly with "Moist Pad", which is made from special material called hydrocolloid. It absorbs and preserves exudate fluids
  • It creates an ideal healing environment, so it helps to heal wounds quicker for it to regenerate.
  • Also works for chapped skin.

How to use

  • 1: wash the wound with water cleanly and then wipe it off.
  • 2: Apply "CARELEAVESTMHC" which covers the entire wound.
  • 3:Check the wound once in a couple days to check how the wound has been healed. Make sure there is no pus dripping from the wound. Put new one after you checked.
  • 4: Remove it gradually and gently according to the flow of your hair. If your wound is not still cured, apply new pad after washing and wiping it off.